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  • Noise shader: can now output colors, in scalar mode by blending between color1 and color2, and in vector mode with a separate noise signal per color channel. A new time parameter can be used to smoothly vary noise over time. Has a new uv space option to use the object’s local UV coordinates. In addition, an arbitrary coordinate space can be specified manually by linking another shader into the new P parameter.
  • Utility shader: has a new metal shading mode, and a roughness control has been added that affects plastic and metal modes.
  • Skydome light camera visibility: new camera and transmission parameters set the amount of light contributed to camera and specular transmission rays. It is no longer required to use a separate background shader and so the sky shader is considered deprecated.
  • Quad and spot light: a new roundness parameter, going from a square shape at 0, to rounded corners, to a disk shape at 1. Quad lights also have a new soft_edge parameter to soften the edges, similar to the penumbra_angle for spot lights.
  • Support for OpenVDB 4.0
  • Detach material preview in the network editor: the editor has a new option in the View menu to move the material preview to a separate dockable dialog. Also the shader tree can be hidden which saves more space for the node graph.


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