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PageWithExcerptA5ARNTUT:Remap an Image Using UV Coords

  • Create a ramp (RGB) rampRGB texture and connect it to the UV Coords_coords of the Image image shader. Connect the U Coord u_coord of the ramp to the uvcoordsY of the Image the image shader. Connect the V Coord v_coord of the ramp rampRGB to the uvcoordsX of the Image image shader.
  • Change the ramp type to Four Corner Ramp.
  • Create four different colors for the ramp: red, yellow, green, and blue.


You can change how the image is remapped by adjusting the HSV values of the ramp.

  • Connect a file or Noise texture noise shader to the Color Offset color_offset of the Ramp rampRGB. This will drive the distortion effect.

You could also add a Range range or Remap remap shader in between the file texture and the ramp to further control the effect.


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