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Alembic support (gpuCache):

Arnold now natively supports Alembic files. Maya native


GPU Cache nodes are now being exported as an alembic procedural and expose in an Arnold section several parameters, as well as a list allowing to inspect the Alembic file and isolate a given sub-object. More details can be found in the Alembic documentation.


Adaptive Sampling:

Arnold now has the capability of adapting the sampling rate of each pixel when Adaptive Sampling is enabled in the Render Settings. It allows dedicating a greater number of camera samples (and thus also a greater amount of render time) to the pixels that show a greater variation in their sample values. When used, all pixels will receive a sampling rate of at least Camera (AA), but no more than Max Camera (AA). The adaptive sampler's sensitivity to noise may be controlled through the Adaptive Threshold render option, where lower threshold values will apply higher sampling rates to a greater number of pixels.


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