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Export MaterialX looks for use with Arnold.




Export MaterialX looks for use with Arnold.

You can export shader trees and shape properties from Arnold to MaterialX looks. The export includes:

  • Surface shading, displacement and volumes.
  • Properties (shape parameters) such as 'visibility', sideness, matte, and displacement settings are automatically exported, and you can specify other shape parameters.
  • There is a special visibility assignment which is like the bit mask equivalent, where users can specify they want to disable camera rays.


Exported looks can be reused or shared by Arnold in different DCCs. For each mtlx document you can define what parts of the scene are exported and what the look should be called. The Arnold plug-in translates the scene and then calls the public API function which goes through the universe, generates a mtlx document and then writes it to a file.

  • Export material assignments with node graphs with Arnold's proprietary closure type, channel information and context definitions (shader and displacement).
  • Material/property/visibility assignments.
  • Replace/append mtlx document mode.

  • Look variants because this is a baked version of the scene.
  • Support for the MaterialX standard library.
  • Shader assignments for lights.
  • Other renderers and MaterialX viewers.

You cannot render whilst exporting to MaterialX.


MultiExcerptNameRelative Assignments

If set, the shader/property/visibility assignments will be relative to the namespace the shape is in, otherwise, the assignments will contain the full path to the shape. For instance, if a sphere named 'sphere1' resides in a procedural 'my_proc', the full name would be 'my_proc/sphere1' and the relative name 'sphere1'. This makes it possible to assign the look to another procedural with a different name.


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