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  • Faster GPU cache pre-population. 
  • Arnold RenderView  now displays properly with High DPI monitors. 
  • Improvements in the Operators UI for Standins / Alembic.
  • Added option in ARV to clear the whole arnold session when IPR is stopped. When IPR is restarted, the whole scene is converted from scratch (as with Update Full Scene).
  • aiUserDataColor now supports RGBA data, with an alpha channel.
  • All matrix parameters in shaders can now be exported in motion blur
  • Added more options for exported node names, to control the namespacing as well as the hierarchy separator
  • MaterialX exporter allows to export hierarchy with slash separators, in order to work with exported alembic files
  • Maya Playblasts can be generated from the Arnold Viewport. 

Incompatible changes

  • Displacement shaders are no longer exported with names like "displacementShader1.displacement". Now the name will be just "displacementShader1"



  • Fixed 3.2.0 regressions in Maya Ramp shading
  • Fixed 3.2.0 regressions in Projection shader results
  • Fixed 3.2.0 regression in Image plane when displayMode=None
  • Fixed  vector displacement order with tangent maps