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When a shader is overridden, e.g. a shader is applied to the bifShape or bifrostGraphShape in Maya, it gets applied to all of the Arnold shapes generated by arnold_bifrost. However, if the shader to be applied is not a volume shader, we it should not apply it to volumes so that in-graph volume shaders still get applied (or the default generic volume shader that arnold_bifrost generates gets applied). If you create your own custom volume shader and assign it directly to the bifShape or bifrostGraphShape, arnold_bifrost will not recognize it. The solution, in that case, is to just apply the custom shader in-graph.


  • There are some Bifrost types not supported, such as the type2x2 or other non-square matrix variants.
  • Note also that only the types with a float component on the Arnold side can be used with varying or indexed user data. String, integer, or boolean data cannot be interpolated, so can only be used with constant or uniform user data. 

Randomize Particle Color Workflow

Below is an example of how to randomize the color of Bifrost particles.