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Convert the Input coordinates from one space to another:

  • World: Absolute world coordinates.
  • Object: Local coordinates.
  • Camera: Defined such that +x is right, +y is up and looks down -z.
  • Screen: Defined such that +x is right, +y is up and looks down +z.
  • Tangent: Defined by a tangent reference frame that is built based on the input Tangent vector and the shading normal. If Tangent is 0, the shader attempts the following actions to build the frame:
  1. Look for vector user data named "tangent" and "bitangent".
  2. Use the UV derivatives.
  3. Build its own local frame.

Input is interpreted according to Type when transformed:

  • Point: input is a position in space.
  • Vector: input is a direction, the translation part of the transformation is left out.
  • Normal: input is a normal, transformed by the inverse transpose of the transform to preserve its angle to the surface.

The input channels can be shuffled (Order) and inverted (Invert X, Invert Y, Invert Z). Also, they can be remapped to the [-1, 1] range, for instance when the input is an 8-bit map to be used as signed normal or vector displacement map.

The output vector is scaled by Scale and can be set as the shading normal (Set Normal). 

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