Path Mapping

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How Arnold handles paths

  1. Replace backslashes

    When Arnold loads an ass file, Arnold replaces all backslashes ( \ ) with forward slashes ( / )

  2. Expand environment variables

    Expand all environment variables, which look like this: [MY_TEXTURE_PATH]

  3. Map paths

    Apply path-mapping rules specified the Arnold pathmap file.

Setting up path mapping

You can automatically remap paths at render time using a pathmap file. 

The pathmap file is a json file. For example:


Path mapping uses regular expressions. The general format of an entry is this:

For example, this pathmap replaces all drive mappings like E:/ and S:/ with //SERVER/

Arnold converts backslashes ( \ ) to forward slashes ( / ) when it loads the ASS file.

Path mapping happens after that, so pathmaps never have to deal with backslashes.


There can be multiple mappings for each OS:

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