The base color weight.


The base_color sets how bright the surface is when lit directly with a white light source (intensity at 100%). It defines which percentage for each component of the RGB spectrum does not get absorbed when light scatters beneath the surface. Metal normally has a black or very dark base color, however, rusty metal's need some base color. A base_color map is usually required.

Diffuse file texture -> base_color


Connect a ramp node here to create a cell look (regarded as a tone map).

Directional lighting (rollover image for skydome lighting)

Note that the appearance of the base_tonemap (using a ramp) appears very different with a directional lighting (hard gradation, below center image) compared to that of a skydome light (soft gradation, below right image).

Adjusting light exposure will have an effect on the base_tonemap.

The base_tonemap has a multiplier effect on the base_color. The direct diffuse of the base_tonemap is mapped onto the UVs and then the ramp is evaluated.

Stylistic effects can be achieved when connecting different shaders to base_color or base_tonemap.

Shading Modes of Utility shader


Ramp RGB -> Base Tonemap

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