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The base color weight.

Surface Normal Direction

When rendering diffuse surfaces, it is very important that the normals of the geometry face in the right direction. In the example below, you can see the difference between normals that are facing inwards in the wrong direction (left side) versus those that are facing correctly in the outwards direction (right side).


The base_color sets how bright the surface is when lit directly with a white light source (intensity at 100%). It defines which percentage for each component of the RGB spectrum does not get absorbed when light scatters beneath the surface. Metal normally has a black or very dark base color, however, rusty metal's need some base color. A base_color map is usually required.

Diffuse file texture -> base_color


Connect a ramp node here to create a cell look (regarded as a tone map).

Directional lighting (rollover image for skydome lighting)

Note that the appearance of the base_tonemap (using a ramp) appears very different with a directional lighting (hard gradation, below center image) compared to that of a skydome light (soft gradation, below right image).

Adjusting light exposure will have an effect on the base_tonemap.

The base_tonemap has a multiplier effect on the base_color. The direct diffuse of the base_tonemap is mapped onto the UVs and then the ramp is evaluated.

Stylistic effects can be achieved when connecting different shaders to base_color or base_tonemap.

Shading Modes of Utility shader

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