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Lock Sampling Pattern

Locks the AA_seed so that the sampling noise won't change with the frame number (avoiding the film grain look). 

Use Autobump in SSS

If enabled, autobump is visible in SSS. Enabling this option will take into account the effect that displacement_autobump has on the ray-traced BSSRDF's result. This helps capture the high-frequency details of the surface more accurately when using autobump.

Beware that enabling this option will triple shader evaluations with SSS, resulting in much longer render times.

Indirect Specular Blur

Sets indirect specular blurring to reduce caustic noise. Setting to zero gives the most accurate but also noisy renders, while higher values blur caustics to reduce noise.

Physical Material SSS Type


With a single layer, it can capture both surface detail and deep scattering. Designed to closely match the characteristics of the full Monte-Carlo simulation, while remaining an approximation that's much cheaper to evaluate than a full randomwalk.

Randomwalk (default)

Unlike the empirical BSSRDF method based on diffusion theory, the randomwalk method actually traces below the surface with a real random walk and makes no assumptions about the geometry being locally flat. This means it can take into account anisotropic scattering like brute-force volume rendering and produces much better results around concavities and small details. It can also be substantially faster for large scattering radius (i.e. large mean free path) compared to diffusion. On the other hand, randomwalk can be slower in dense media (i.e. small mfp), may require redialing materials to achieve a similar look, and is more sensitive to non-closed meshes, "mouth bags", and internal geometry potentially casting shadows.

Randomwalk v2

This method scatters more accurately and deeply through highly-transparent/optically-thin objects, which produces SSS with more saturated colors around fine surface detail and heavily backlit regions of an object. Note that renders will be more costly and noisier than with the original method since randomwalk will be on average longer and more random.




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