C4DtoA 4.2.2 uses Arnold and is a minor feature release bringing updated material previews and a number of bug fixes.

Known issues in the legacy Arnold Shader Network Editor since Cinema 4D S24:

  • Drag & drop nodes to the node editor does not work as expected:
    • Drag & drop an Arnold Material to create a reference. A Cinema 4D Object Operator node is created instead of an Arnold Material reference node. 
    • Drag & drop an object to create an object reference. A Cinema 4D Object Operator node is created instead of an Arnold object node. 
    • Drag & drop a Vertex Map to create a Vertex Map shader. A Cinema 4D Object Operator node is created instead of an Arnold Vertex Map shader. 
  • Ctrl + drag a shader in the node editor in S24 creates two copies instead of one. shift + drag and Shift + Alt + drag does not work.


System Requirements

  • Cinema 4D
    • R21.026 and above
    • R23.008 and above
    • S24.111 and above
    • R25.010 and above
    • S26.013 and above

Rosetta2 mode for M1 Macs is no longer supported by Cinema 4D S26. This means Arnold can not run on Apple Mac models with M series chips in Cinema 4D S26 at the moment. M1 support is planned in a future release.

  • Windows 10 or later, with the Visual Studio 2019 redistributable.
  • Linux with at least glibc 2.17 and libstdc++ 4.8.5 (gcc 4.8.5). This is equivalent to RHEL/CentOS 7.
  • macOS 10.13 or later.
  • CPUs need to support the SSE4.1 instruction set. Apple Mac models with M series chips are supported under Rosetta 2 mode.
  • GPU rendering works on Windows and Linux only and requires an NVIDIA GPU of the Ampere, Turing, Volta, Pascal, or Maxwell architecture.
  • Optix™ denoiser requires an NVidia GPU with CUDA™ Compute Capability 5.0 and above.

In the driver page select "Windows Driver Type:" DCH

The cache will also need to be re-populated after installing a new Arnold version, updating to a new NVIDIA driver, or changing the hardware configuration of GPUs on the system. More information can be found here.


  • Updated material previews: Lighting is improved in material preview scenes and the 'A' letter from the Arnold logo is added to the bottom right corner to easily identify Arnold materials in the Material Manager. A new cloth, volume, and atmosphere volume preview is added as well. (C4DTOA-2716)

  • Scale in material previews: Arnold materials (legacy and Node Material) have a new option to control the scale of the preview scene. By default, the size of the object in the preview is 1m. By setting the Preview Scale to 1cm (or 0.01), the object is scaled down to 1cm. This can be useful when working with small objects and previewing shaders that depend on length units (e.g. SSS radius, transmission depth, etc.). (C4DTOA-2724)

Bug Fixes

  • C4DTOA-2726 - Rendering to the Picture Viewer blocks the UI
  • C4DTOA-2732 - Crash when exporting a scene which contains a scatter object
  • C4DTOA-2733 - 'Plugin ID collides' error messages in Cinema 4D S26

  • ARNOLD-12230 - Crash when rendering quad lights with non-default roundness in multiple render sessions
  • ARNOLD-12229 - Crash when adjusting a camera used across multiple render session lifetimes
  • ARNOLD-12228 - Deep driver crashes when batch rendering with progressive negative-AA
  • ARNOLD-12223 - Do not show a dialog box when loading invalid plugins on Windows
  • ARNOLD-12216 - Thread priority was no longer affecting render threads on Windows
  • ARNOLD-12208 - Crash when destroying and recreating a RenderSession with GPU rendering or Optix denoising
  • ARNOLD-12054 - Restarted checkpoint renders were always starting progress at 0%
  • ARNOLD-12192 - [Alembic] Root of b-spline curve is cut short
  • ARNOLD-12253 - [GPU] Crash when deleting and creating render sessions for the same universe
  • ARNOLD-12037 - [GPU] Artifacts in Light Path Expression AOVs using closure labels

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