Milestone 3.2.4


  • IPR matrix update: We have added support for matrix modifications during an IPR session. Changes will be instantly reflected in the render, without the need for destroying the scene (i.e. going to AiEnd() and recreating the scene from scratch). This works for all basic geometric nodes such aspolymesh and curves, but also for more complex nodes like ginstance and procedural. (trac#1828)
  • Double-precision triangle intersection: We have added support for a more robust ray-triangle intersector in the polymesh node. Because the new intersector uses double-precision math, it is slightly slower than the default intersector. This can be useful in extreme cases where holes are visible in polygon edges. The new intersector is enabled by the double_precision_intersector parameter in the polymesh, as shown in the example below. (trac#1834)
     name my_mesh
     double_precision_intersector true
  • Upgraded OIIO to 0.8.2: We have updated Arnold's OpenImageIO library dependency to release 0.8.2. This includes important improvements in the performance of the maketx tool. (trac#1836)

Bug fixes

#1832Background shaders are not visible unless they set opacity to != BLACK
#1835validate procedural output
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