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Bug fixes

  • #5543 Skydome light with black texture cannot have color updated
  • #5577 Race condition in procedural population
  • #5602 Crash when mixing deferred and non-deferred procedurals containing lights
  • #5603 Crash when mixing procedural cache with explicit instances
  • #5606 AiMakeTxAbort might not clear list of jobs
  • #5607 Add python bindings for AiMakeTx
  • #5610 Disabled light portals affect the skydome
  • #5625 Thread pinning and priority can no longer be set
  • #5628 Crash in procedural creating an object with more than 2 motion keys
  • #5635 Hang exiting plugins with OpenEXR driver
  • #5636 AiMakeTx not handling filenames with spaces
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