Enable DOF

Enables depth of field effects.

Focus Distance

This parameter is linked by expression to the Houdini property, Focus Distance, in the sampling Tab.

This is the distance at which objects appear in perfect focus, for a non-zero aperture value. 

Aperture Size

The radius of the aperture in world units. The smaller the aperture, the sharper the images (shallower depth of field). In the limit, a size of zero produces no depth of field blurring.

Aspect Ratio

Values bigger than one produce an elongated defocusing effect, reminiscent of an anamorphic lens, while a value less than one will squash it.


Aperture Blades

A number of blades (or polygon sides) of the polygonal aperture. 0 is considered a circle aperture

Aperture Blade Curvature

The curvature of the polygonal aperture sides. A value of 0 means hard straight sides. Increasing this value results in progressively more curved edges, all the way to 1.0 which produces a perfect disk. Negative values produce a "pinched" or star-shaped aperture.

Aperture Rotation

Rotates the aperture by the specified number of degrees. 


Flat Field

Perspective cameras have a flat_field_focus attribute which is set to true by default to match the standard thin lens camera model. This prevents over blurring away from the optical axis. Some renders might change, especially with wide FOV angles or very shallow DOF. Set persp_camera.flat_field_focus false to get the previous behavior.



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