The parameters for the points and curves shapes (radius, aspect, rotation, mode, basis) will not benefit from property inheritance.

This page describes common shape properties. Specific properties can be found described in the pages below.

Common Shape Properties

Minimum Pixel Width

If this value is non-zero, particles in points mode with a small on-screen width will be automatically enlarged so that they are at least the specified size in pixels. The enlargement fraction is then used in the particle shader to adjust the opacity so that the visible thickness of the particle remains the same. For a given number of AA samples, this makes it a lot easier to anti-alias very small particles, at the expense of render time (because of the additional transparency/depth complexity). Good values are in the range of 0.2 to 0.7. Values closer to 0 are faster to render but need more AA samples. So if your scene already uses very high AA settings, you should use a low value like 0.1.

This will only affect points rendered as disks, not quads or spheres.

Minimum Pixel Width doesn't work on particles with a varying radius over time (which is the case when motion blur is enabled). Also, for the automatic transparency to work, it needs a special material that supports the internal geo_opacity shader such as the Hair shader.

Default Radius

Sets the rendered width of the curve or the radius of the point.


0.01 to 0.1

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