Pixel filtering is used to average individual subpixel samples into a final pixel color.

Filter Type

The filter type used for averaging individual subpixel samples into a final pixel color. Most of these filters are available for legacy purposes only. More details can be found on Wikipedia.

 We recommend using the Gaussian (width 2.0) or Blackman-Harris filters.

The complete list of filters is:


  • Blackman-Harris
  • Box
  • Catrom
  • Closest
  • Difference
  • Farthest
  • Gaussian
  • Heatmap
  • Mitnet
  • Sinc
  • Triangle
  • Variance
  • Contour

Filter Width

The width of the subpixel sample averaging filter, in pixels. For circularly symmetric filters, this is the diameter of the filter's support. 

This example demonstrates the effect filter width can have on moire effects in your images. Increasing the filter width setting helps to reduce the moire effect. 

This is more noticeable on the left side and top of the cube. 

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