What's new in Version 2.2

Based on version of the Arnold core.

Highlighted new features:

• Softimage 2013 support.
• Preview standin in the viewport. See the SItoA Viewer section for details.

• Per-face displacement support (previously we only supported one displacement shader tree per object).
• Custom procedurals can be driven by data from ICE. See details here.

• Support for ICE materials system in Softimage 2012 and later.
• Custom user parameters on standins/procedural. See details here.

• Several new shaders ported (txt3d-marbletxt3d_checkerboard).
• Gamma Workflow in the sib_image_clip shader. Check the notes at ticket#506 comment:28.


Incompatible changes:

Because displacement is now handled per-face, some of the parameters that previously were assigned in the material level (in sta_displacement) have been moved to the Arnold Parameters PPG, per object. This has the effect that displacement parameters from older scenes will break and have to be reapplied individually.



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