You Will Require an Arnold License for Each Team Render Client

Every machine that renders with Arnold needs an Arnold license. For example, if this is your Team Render setup:


then you need 5 Arnold licenses.

Setting up C4DtoA on Team Render Clients

To set up a TeamRender client:


Using Team Render

Cinema 4D to Arnold offers a full support of Team Render, the network rendering framework of Cinema 4D. You can increase your render capacity and significantly decrease render times by rendering a single frame or an animation (frame sequence) distributed to multiple machines on your network.

Your server can be started from Studio, or you can also start Team Render Server as a separate application. To setup Team Render in Studio you must follow these steps:

  1. Enable Team Render by opening the Edit > Preferences... dialog, selecting Renderer > Team Render and enabling the Enable Team Render checkbox.

  2. Start the Team Render Client application on your client machines.

  3. Setup client machines by opening the Render > Team Render Machines... dialog. Click Machine > Add Machine... and enter the IP address and port number of the client. You can check the address in the console of the Team Render Client (e.g. You must also enter the security token of the client which you can check in Machine > Preferences... of the Team Render Client dialog.

  4. Start the render by clicking Render > Team Render to Picture Viewer... You should see messages in your Team Render Client console stating the download of the scene, any scene assets and starting of the render.

C4DtoA has to be installed, and Arnold license has to be setup properly on all client machines. Besides Team Render workflow for Arnold does not require any custom setup. You can check the following tutorials for more information:


If you render a single frame, each client will render a couple of buckets depending on their number of cores (for example a client with eight cores will render eight buckets in a step). If a client is out (network error, crash or stopping the client), another client will take over the failed buckets. If you restart the failed client, it will connect and continue the render.

If you render an animation, then each client will receive a range of frames to render. If a client is faster than the others and finishes early then a new frame range will be assigned to it.

All assets (textures, vdb volume files, etc.) are automatically downloaded by the clients, and no special configuration is needed.


Rendering via the Team Render Server loads the assets on demand. In cases when the assets are processed by Arnold (e.g. udim textures) you have to disable 'Clients Get Assets on Demand' in the Team Render settings of the server.

  • Arnold drivers cannot be used in a single frame Team Render because drivers are active on the client machines, writing out only a part of the image.
  • The Arnold IPR Window does not support TeamRender. This is not possible natively in C4D as Team Render is not designed for interactive rendering.


There's a known bug in Cinema 4D R23.008, that plugins are not loaded automatically in Team Render Client and Commandline render. The plugins folder (e.g. c:\Program Files\Maxon Cinema 4D R23\plugins) has to be added manually.


In Team Render Client go to File -> Preferences... -> Plugins -> Search Paths -> Add Folder...


For Commandline, specify the g_additionalModulePath environment variable.



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