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Release Date

September 26, 2014


This is a major release with new features like light linking and curves support, and also with an architectural change. Please let me know if you have any problems with the installer, experience any slow down or find any bugs.


An API is added to 3rd party developers.

Documentation is available here with some examples:

Release notes

#155 Creating objects whilst IPR is active and running creates them without attributes
#152 Wrong IPR update when parent transform of a light has been changed
#115 Add 'About' command
#115 Add 'About' command
#156 Shader previews disappear after making changes during IPR
#146 Add 'Plugin path' option to Arnold settings
#130 Supporting 'Make editable' command in Arnold Procedurals
#2 Supporting curves
#14 Build script
#129 API for third-party developers
#87 Create translator for Arnold Parameters tag
#7 Instancing with nested objects
#151 Wrong file names of AOV sequences
#147 Support of layer visibility
#143 IPR update is wrong when changing visibility of parent
#1 Light linking
#145 Changing resolution does not work in IPR
#120 Supporting Camera Mapping projection in Texture Tag
#125 Testing drivers and AOVs
#72 Refactoring translator dependency setup
#23 Create a test suit
#128 Override enum parameter in User options
#37 Optimization: translator map
#122 Creating render tests

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