Bug fixes

  • #5927 Memory pools allocations are much bigger than requested
  • #5910 Missing Python bindings for some AtNodeEntry API functions
  • #5911 Nodes contained in .obj and .ply procedurals are registered in the global name scope
  • #5917 Remove pykick since it's broken
  • #5923 UINT parameter values are clamped to 0x7FFFFFFF when parsed from .ass files
  • #5925 Properly handle cases where cpuset is smaller than the detected number of cores
  • #5926 ignore_motion_blur with non-zero reference_time does not work with a polymesh with normals
  • #5930 normal_map shader issues
  • #5931 Standard surface coat normal not decoupled from main normal
  • #5936 AiNodeClone not working for parameter overrides
  • #5940 AiNodeEntryGetDerivedType wrong for builtin procedural and implicit nodes
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