Release Date

April 26, 2017

This version uses the Arnold core. 


This is a hotfix release. It addresses the following issues:

  • Shadow Matte alpha was incorrect
  • ID AOV in the Arnold RenderView was not supported
  • Memory pools allocations are much bigger than requested
  • Standard Surface viewport shading was not working in Maya 2016
  • XGen failed to render on multiple patches
  • Render to Texture shelf icon was launching light manager
  • SynColor extension was missing in 2016_R2
  • fixed error message in Render to Texture about color management
  • Nodes contained in .obj and .ply procedurals are registered in the global name scope
  • Standard surface coat normal not decoupled from main normal
  • LPEs were not working with Raw drivers
  • Curves with varying UVs were rendering wrong
  • UINT parameter values are clamped to 0x7FFFFFFF when parsed from .ass files
  • Properly handle cases where cpuset is smaller than the detected number of cores
  • ignore_motion_blur with non-zero reference_time does not work with a polymesh with normals
  • normal_map shader issues
  • Missing Python bindings for some AtNodeEntry API functions
  • AiNodeEntryGetDerivedType wrong for builtin procedural and implicit nodes


#2955XGen failed to render on multiple patches
#2958XGen failed to update igroom ptex in IPR
#2959ID AOV not supported in ARV
#2969Arnold Shelf Button for Render to Texture opens the Light Manager instead
#2971SynColor extension missing in 2016 Ext2
#2972Error message in Render to Texture
#2973Viewport error in Maya 2016 with standard surface
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