More information about Specular can be found here.


The specular weight. Influences the brightness of the specular highlight. The base_weight is affected by the specular_weight. This is because the toon shader is not a physically based shader but is designed to conserve energy.

Note that the specular examples here all use tonemap.


The color the specular reflection will be modulated with. Use this color to 'tint' the specular highlight. You should only use colored specular for certain metals, whereas non-metallic surfaces usually have a monochromatic specular color. Non-metallic surfaces normally do not have a colored specular.


Controls the glossiness of the specular reflections. The lower the value, the sharper the reflection. In the limit, a value of 0 will give you a perfectly sharp mirror reflection, while 1.0 will create reflections that are close to a diffuse reflection. You should connect a map here to get variation in the specular highlight.

Note that Toon Edge will not appear in reflected surfaces unless Specular Roughness is 0.

Toon shader assigned to floor plane



Anisotropy reflects and transmits light with a directional bias and causes materials to appear rougher or glossier in certain directions. The default value for Anisotropy is 0, which means 'isotropic.' As you move the control towards 1.0, the surface is made more anisotropic in the U axis.

More information about Specular Anisotropy can be found here.


The rotation value changes the orientation of the anisotropic reflectance in UV space. At 0.0, there is no rotation, while at 1.0 the effect is rotated by 180 degrees. For a surface with brushed metal, this controls the angle at which the material was brushed. For metallic surfaces, the anisotropic highlight should stretch out in a direction perpendicular to the brushing direction.



Connect a ramp node here to create a cell look (regarded as a tone map).

specular_tonemap with increasing specular_roughness



Rollover image to view effect of ramp on Specular Tonemap

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