Indirect Diffuse

The amount of diffuse light received from indirect sources only. 

Indirect_diffuse: 0 (default) creates a more two-dimensional looking toon shading effect.

Indirect Specular

The amount of specularity received from indirect sources only. Values other than 1.0 will cause the materials to not preserve energy, and global illumination may not converge.

Energy Conserving

The toon shader is energy conserving by default. If this is disabled, the Toon shader simply adds base, specular, and transmission. Care should be taken when disabling this option as it will affect indirect illumination with the toon shader.

User ID

Edge detection can be controlled using a STRING type user data called Toon ID. Otherwise, the detected edges will be driven by the object's own name as a toon-specific ID. This allows for grouping of objects, where Toon ID specifies which objects belong together regarding edge detection.

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