An extensive set of tools that allow performance issues to be more easily identified and rendering processes optimized. Additional timing statistics organized by both nodes and categories can be output to JSON files. This makes it possible to know which objects are most expensive to render and what parts of the renderer took the most amount of time. It also allows for detailed profiling visualizations by outputting trace information into a file, such as "my_profile.json", by calling AiProfileSetFileName("my_profile.json") or kick -profile "my_profile.json", and then loading the JSON file in Google's Chrome web browser "chrome://tracing/" or into

Render Statistics

Creates a JSON object for each render pass that gets collected in the stats file, with an increasing number for each pass placed into the file ("render 0000", "render 0001", etc).  So if you are appending, the highest-numbered render group is the most recent one.  Otherwise, with overwrite, it will only contain one object with the most recent pass.

Stats Mode

Create a filename and choose either "append" or "overwrite" mode.


Profiling can be enabled, and a filename can be set.

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