Release Date

June 4, 2018

This version uses the Arnold core. 


Arnold Viewport rendering (Maya 2018 only):

It is now possible to render inside the Maya viewport, by switching the viewport "Renderer" to Arnold. Some of the Arnold RenderView options are exposed, like Region Rendering, Debug Shading, Isolate Selected, AOVs, etc. This feature is only available with Maya 2018.


  • Added <LightGroup> token in output filename, so that Light Group AOVs tokens can be inserted in custom ways.
  • Option Output Denoising AOVs now automatically dumps the optional AOVs for noice (diffuse_albedo, Z, N). This requires EXR output files.

Arnold Denoiser UI:

The new menu "Arnold -> Utilities -> Arnold Denoiser UI (noice)" allows to denoise previously rendered images.  This requires that the input images were rendered in EXR with merged AOVs enabled.



  • Improved stability with incompatible OptiX versions
  • Fixed crashes when editing nHair nodes during IPR sessions.
  • Fixed crash happening with snapshots resolution changes.
  • Fixed errors in Render To Texture when '|' characters exist in the Maya node name

Incompatible changes:

  • MaterialX Operator's parameter mtlx was renamed filename
  • Light Group AOVs now add the group suffix before the frame number




#3430Common attributes tab inside Render Settings shrinks when loading customer file
#3456Transforming or changing attributes to nHair object with ARV running crashes Maya
#3460Light group names always appended to frame number
#3470ARV: crash with isolate selected when window is closed and reopened
#3398replace getAttr(..., size=1) with python API implementation
#3414Crash when changing resolution with snapshot selected
#3415Crash when "Display Pixel Information" is checked and different resolution images have been snapshot
#3444license information missing from kick test render in diagnostics
#3417Isolate Select in ARV throws a warning
#3421Add Install Trial License to the Arnold > Licensing menu
#3427createStandIn doesn't work in MtoA 3.0.0.x
#3459Automatically add the optional AOVs for noice
#3466Add parameter to optix-denoise the beauty
#3468Prevent errors in Render to Texture when pipe characters exist in the object name
#3469Warning about near_plane in render to texture
#3343Arnold Rendering in Maya Viewport
#3461Add UI for the Arnold denoiser
#3465Rename mtlx attribute to filename



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