Arnold can generate a log reporting all the steps needed to render an image and any warnings and errors encountered by the renderer. This log also provides detailed statistics that are useful for debugging, optimizing, and benchmarking renders.

The Arnold log provides detailed statistics that are useful for debugging, optimizing and benchmarking renders. It is the first thing to examine should you encounter errors and usually the first information to send to support.

Note that an individual log file will be saved for each frame of animation that has been rendered.

Log to File

If enabled a log is written to the specified file.

Log Verbosity

Specifies the amount of information in the log messages, with Warnings being least and Debug most:

    • Errors: Show errors only.
    • Warnings (default): Show error and warning messages.
    • Info: Show errors, warnings, statistics, and any info that does not slow down rendering.
    • Debug: Show all information. Take care when using this mode as render times may increase.

Max. Warnings

Limits the number of warning messages (of a similar type) that are sent to the log.

Log To Console

Enables logging to the console.


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