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This page is currently written for Linux.

As new versions of HtoA are released it is possible previous scenes will not work anymore if parameters or connections have changed.

If the errors are minor Houdini may display a warning and still open the file. However, if the errors are more severe then Houdini may crash, preventing access to older scenes.

$ terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::out_of_range'


It is possible to fix these scenes to allow them to be opened. Note that any connections to altered parameters will not be relinked.

A script called is provided to update scenes to the latest version. It is located in the scripts folder in the HtoA install directory.

hipfix [-h|--help] <htoa_version> <hipfile> [...]


For each scene-breaking release, a set of definitions is used to alter the .hip file.

Setting The Houdini Environment

Before running the script you must define the HFS environment variable or source the Houdini environment.

  1. Navigate to your Houdini install directory
  2. run source houdini_setup.
[michael@ws1 scripts]$ cd /work/apps/houdini/dist/hfs12.5.469/
[michael@ws1 hfs12.5.469]$ source houdini_setup
The Houdini 12.5.469 environment has been initialized.

  1. Go to the Start menu
  2. Go to Programs
  3. Go to Side Effects Software
  4. Select the installed Houdini version
  5. Click on "Command Line Tools"
  1. Go to Applications on the main system drive (Macintosh HD)
  2. Go to the installed version of Houdini you wish to use
  3. Double click on the "Houdini Shell.terminal"


Here is a scene created with 0.9.2 which has a texture assigned to the Density parameter of a Spotlight's Gobo. 


All the available parameters are visible on the gobo1 node.


Linkability to Gobo parameters was removed in Arnold 4.1.1 which is what HtoA 0.10.0 uses so the above scene crashes when opened in that version.


To convert the file navigate to the location of the scene to be fixed and run

path/to/ <htoa_version> <hipfile>

eg: /work/apps/houdini/htoa/current/scripts/ 0.10.0 scene_from_0.9.hip


If the fix was successful you should get a result like below.

[hipfix] converting pre-0.10.0 hip files
[hipfix] found 1 node definitions to update
[hipfix] found 0 node renaming rules
[hipfix] expanding scene_from_0.9.hip ...
415 blocks
table of contents for scene_from_0.9.hip stored in scene_from_0.9.hip.contents
415 blocks
scene_from_0.9.hip expanded into the directory scene_from_0.9.hip.dir
[hipfix] updating definition [gobo]: /obj/arnold_light1/shopnet/arnold_vopnet/gobo1
[hipfix] collapsing scene_from_0.9.hip ...
old scene_from_0.9.hip stored as scene_from_0.9.hip.bkp1
collapsed scene_from_0.9.hip.dir into scene_from_0.9.hip
removed scene_from_0.9.hip.contents and scene_from_0.9.hip.dir
[hipfix] done.


Now the scene should be able to be opened with any fixes applied. In this case, we can see that the Gobo's parameters have been updated and the image node has been disconnected.

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