You have a single-user subscription, but you get ADLM error 20 in the licensing diagnostics:



ADLM 20 is a network licensing error.

Run this command to set the license type to Single User instead of Network:


If you still have problems, get a list of the registered options and send that to support:




You click Install to install single-user licensing, but the Arnold License Manager still says that Single-user licensing is not installed.


Uninstall all licensing components and try again.


  1. Uninstall licensing.

    Open a Terminal and run these commands:

  2. Open the Arnold License Manager and click Install.


If you still cannot install single-user licensing, please get the Install.log: 
  • Open Console (in Spotlight Search, type console)
  • Click Log Reports
  • Find Install.log
  • Right-click Install.log and click Reveal in Finder