See this playlist to learn how to use the Arnold License Manager.




Getting diagnostics

  • Open the Arnold License Manager (in the Arnold menu for your Arnold plugin, click Licensing > Arnold License Manager)

  • In the Arnold License Manager, click File > Diagnostics

  • In the License Diagnostics:
    • Click Save to File to save the diagnostics to a text file, so you can attach the diagnostics to an e-mail message or support ticket.
    • Click Copy to copy the diagnostics to the clipboard, so you can paste the diagnostics into an e-mail message or support ticket.

Checking error messages

Network licensing

If you see generic license checkout error (22) then get the Adlm.log file.

See Errors for some more common network licensing errors.


Single-user licensing

Here's some common errors related to single-user licensing.

[clm.v2] timeout before callback was called

You are not signed in with your Autodesk ID OR single-user licensing is not installed

[clm.v2] SERVICE (4): this product has not been registered with the licensing service yet

Arnold is not registered.

[clm.v2] SERVICE (7): login requires GUI mode

You are not signed in with your Autodesk ID.