These release notes combine Arnold and 6.0.10 since was an internal release for the Maya 2020 installer.



$ export ARNOLD_LICENSE_ORDER=network,rlm

To use the new single-user model only:


To disable all license managers (you'll always get watermarks!):


GPU enhancements

API additions

Incompatible changes

Bug fixes

#8789 AiNodeResetParameter not resetting links

#8728 [Alembic] Alembic procedural overwrites render callback and possible data race

#8999 [Alembic] Remove warning for scalar non-array properies using first entry

#8982 [Alembic] Unable to override points mode

#6956 Color Manager: Use well known OCIO config defaults to compute chromaticities

#7479 Common BSDF albedo API and more accurate albedo AOVs

#9034 Crash on rendering alembic with void or invalid filename

#8972 Crash when a procedural with externally added nodes is deleted

#8913 Crash when calling AiRenderInterrupt with a closest filter

#8995 Crash with include_graph operator when changing target

#8821 Data race in AiRenderSetInteractiveOutput

#8525 Error in maketx when generating DWAA from single channel images

#8800 Follow the Optix 6.5 convention for the cache path on Linux

#8705 Get full AOV list even when not using progressive_show_all_outputs

#8894 [GPU] AiNodeSetDisabled not working in IPR

#8778 [GPU] atmosphere_volume.density and standard_surface.transmission_depth crash

#8283 [GPU] Background's alpha not handled correctly

#8980 [GPU] Banding artifact in volumes in progressive mode

#8819 [GPU] Cache pre-population can use too much memory

#8934 [GPU] Crash on destroying the mesh_light's mesh in IPR

#8373 [GPU] Crash on interrupting alembic subdivision

#8988 [GPU] Crash on resizing volumes in Maya while in IPR

#9047 [GPU] Crash when volume shader is NULL

#8909 [GPU] Empty image filename doesn't produce a missing texture color

#8643 [GPU] Exceptions thrown during UpdateNodeGPU cause a crash

#7608 [GPU] Handle rays starting in overlapping volumes

#8823 [GPU] Image node crashes in scenes with textures disabled

#9016 [GPU] Incorrect skydome color with constant color inputs

#8879 [GPU] Incorrect Z AOV

#9076 [GPU] Render progress percentage can exceed 100%

#8716 Inconsistent return values from AiRendering() and AiRenderGetStatus()

#7525 Instanced volumes cause crash when volume_update returns true

#8856 IPR sample degredation should upgrade in reverse order

#8792 maketx infinity checks are always done with 16-bit floats

#9026 MaterialX: Omit default shader material assignments

#8989 Operators not cooked properly in IPR with Render API

#6431 [OSL] Add standard include directories to include path

#8874 [OSL] oslc does not find stdosl.h

#8237 Progressive render consumes a lot of memory

#8466 Python bindings for AtRenderUpdateCallback crash on windows

#8933 Python render callback crashes on Windows

#8916 Regression in per-camera AOVs with a closest filter

#8938 Render callback should get AI_DISPLAY_OUTPUT_PARTIAL_INTERACTIVE on interrupt

#9172 [Alembic] alembic_proc.dylib doesn't load on macOS < 10.14

#9167 [Alembic] Crash with NULL shader applied to Alembic procedural

#9132 Cannot destroy nodes at AI_RENDER_UPDATE_BEFORE_PASS time

#9100 Crash after destroying a camera-visible light

#9194 Crash in AiASSWrite() when a node has a NULL matrix array

#8955 Crash when loading incomplete camera definition

#8952 Crash when loading malformed polymesh nodes

#8954 Crash when loading quad lights with missing vertices

#9007 Deleting upstream operator nodes is not reflected correctly in IPR

#9138 Double check out of RLM and CLM licenses on same machine

#9102 Error in maketx when using DWAA or DWAB compressed EXRs from single channel images

#9008 Error when exporting to .ass after deleting an operator from a graph

#9084 Fast progressive accumulation filters do not work with negative AA

#9151 [GPU] Changing skydome exposure in IPR can trigger a recompilation of all GPU programs

#9112 [GPU] Crash after insufficient device memory error

#8817 [GPU] Crash when toggling "Debug Shading" options during IPR

#9065 [GPU] Crash with empty VDB volumes

#8619 [GPU] Crash with motion blur on points in sphere mode

#9115 [GPU] Error on changing the volume filename during IPR

#9145 [GPU] Manage parameter type conversion of shaders connected to cameras

#9136 [GPU] NaN values from Color Correct node

#9171 [GPU] Options node missing gpu_support metadata

#9018 [GPU] Overblurred textures in shading networks with multiple image nodes

#8231 [GPU] Peak memory used not accurate on multi-GPU systems

#9071 [GPU] Regression causing subdivision and displacement to be single threaded

#9165 [GPU] Shape nodes are missing gpu_support metadata

#9085 [GPU] Transmission scatter does not work if the standard surface is not directly connected to the shape

#9162 In progressive render, the AA 1 pass is not always skipped

#9096 [License Manager] License Manager appears underneath the menu in DCCs

#9015 [License Manager] Manager does not handle 'none' license type

#9129 [License Manager] 'SDK was already shut down' error when clicking on Sign in

#8873 [MaterialX] No node definition found error when connecting closure shaders

#9009 Oriented curves artifact when scaled

#9149 Python 3 incompatible print statement usage in

#7888 Subdivision meshes sometimes disappear during IPR

#8979 Updated nodes are not systematically reprocessed by operators in IPR