The materials used in this tutorial can be downloaded here.

Importing the CAD Data

Drag and drop the CAD files into the 3ds Max viewport to import them all at once


The scene is simply lit using a studio HDRI connected to the color of a skydome_light light. 

Choose a bitmap (HDRI) for the Texture of the skydome light


To test the lighting, we can quickly assign a standard_surface shader to the camera.


Render Setup: Arnold → Diagnostics → Feature Overrides

A studio lighting scene can be downloaded here.


Next, we need to change the background environment color to white. 

Realistic Shading

cell_noise → bump3d → standard_surface

Camera Lens Adapter Ring

ramp_rgb → uv_projection → standard_surface

Glass Lens

Stylized Shading

wireframe → opacity of standard_surface

Toon shader

utility → edge_color of toon -> Map to Material

Facing Ratio shader

facing_ratio -> color_correct -> standard_surface

Clip Geo shader


Arbitrary Output Variables (AOVs) Manager. Create diffuse, specular, specular_indirect, transmission, and background AOVs.


Compositing in Photoshop

Final Render Settings

We encourage you to spend some more time with the MAXtoA user guide where you can find other tutorials such as this.