A studio lighting scene can be downloaded here.

Importing the CAD Data


Scene lit with quad_light (exposure: 16)

Realistic Shading using Standard Surface

Scene Converter

We will now convert the shaders (Phong, etc) to Arnold standard_surface shaders.


Standard Surface 

Lego plastic shader settings

Round Corners 

round_corners -> standard_surface.normal_camera

 Clip Geo shader


To avoid clipping the floor plane:

  1. Create a trace set by entering a name in the shader Trace Sets text box (for example, "objects_not_to_clip").
  2. Clear the Inclusive checkbox.
  3. Put the objects in that trace set (by entering the same trace set name for those shapes).
  4. All objects not in the trace set will be clipped.

Cube with clip_geo assigned to it. The plane is not clipped because it has a Trace Set that matches the clip_geo Trace Set. Inclusive is disabled.

Stylized Shading using Toon 

toon shader parameters

Final Render Settings

That's it. You have reached the end of the tutorial. Well done! We encourage you to spend some more time with the MtoA user guide where you can find other tutorials such as this.