Render Product is a collection of Render Vars and generic rendering parameters. When rendering with Arnold, the primary use is to define a collection of AOVs and an output file for rendering. A Render Product can be set up by creating a Render Product LOP at the stage level (TAB -> Rendering -> Render Product). Currently, there are no Arnold specific attributes on this node.

More information about Creating and Setting attributes can be found here.

Common Parameters

These properties are shared across all renderers.


Ordered Render Vars

List of Render Vars to collect. Note, renaming Render Vars upstream requires updating this list.

Product Name

Name of the output where the product should be written. In the case of batch renders, this is the name of the file where the AOVs are written.

Product Type

Type of the product. Currently, the values accepted are raster and deep.


Path to the camera for rendering the scene. This is required to set when rendering to a file.


Resolution of the output file.

Instantaneous Shutter

Sets the Shutter Close parameter to the Shutter Open value when rendering the Render Product.

Aspect Ratio Conform Policy

Behavior when the aspect ratio of the image does not match the aspect ratio of the camera aperture. Expand Aperture, Crop Aperture, Adjust Aperture Width and Adjust Aperture Height changes the camera aspect ratio to match the output image. Adjust Pixel Aspect Ratio changes the aspect ratio of the output image to match the camera aspect ratio.

Data Window NDC

Crop the image within the resolution specified above. The values are normalized to the range of 0 and 1.

Pixel Aspect Ratio

The aspect ratio of pixels.