Roll over image to view imager_denoiser enabled

The Arnold Noice denoiser is also available as a post-processing effect. You can automatically denoise images every time you render a scene, edit the denoising settings and see the resulting image directly in the render view. Note that imager_denoiser_noice does not support temporal denoising (required for denoising an animation).

  • The imager_denoiser_noice is recommended for single frame rendering. It does not support denoising an animation sequence and can result in undesired effects between frames. If you want to render an animation, then disable this imager, render the scene with an Arnold EXR driver (Output Arnold Denoiser AOVs enabled), and use the Arnold Denoiser (or Denoising tab in the Arnold render settings, if your plugin supports it).
  • Denoisers won't work as well after imagers have been applied to them. Therefore denoisers should be applied before any other post-processing imagers.
  • You may have to wait a moment before you can see the result of the Arnold Denoiser appear in the render view.

A tutorial that covers how to use the Arnold Denoiser can be found here.



Input points to the previous imager operation in the chain (so that you can stack them and apply multiple operations serially).


Enables the imager.

It may take a moment for the imager_denoiser to update the results in the render view when disabling and then enabling it.