The C4DtoA plug-in is distributed as a tar archive which contains an installer bash script. To install it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Download C4DtoA from the Arnold Renderer web site.
  2. Unpack the archive.

    tar xvf C4DtoA-3.3.3-linux-centos7-R23.tar.gz
  3. Run the script. Note, that you need root privileges to run the script.

    cd C4DtoA-3.3.3-linux-centos7-R23
    sudo ./
  4. Specify Cinema 4D install folder. The script looks for Cinema 4D in the default installation folder (/opt/maxon). If you have a custom install, press 1 and specify the path of the bin folder.

  5. Install.



The installer creates an uninstall script into the plugin folder (e.g. /opt/maxon/cinema4dr23.008/bin/plugins/C4DtoA/ which you can run with root privileges to remove all installed files.

Alternatively you can safely delete the C4DtoA folder manually from the Cinema 4D application folder (e.g. /opt/maxon/cinema4dr23.008/bin/plugins/C4DtoA).