Minimal example setup to use imagers

The Katana file is available here.

The following post-process/imagers are available below:

An imager can be created using Material, NetworkMaterial, or NetworkMaterialCreate, and the new imager (arnoldImager in case of NetworkMaterialCreate) terminal.

imager_exposure -> arnoldImager

The Katana file is available here.

To use an imager, connect the resulting material location to ArnoldOutputChannelDefine by using driverParameters/input.

To learn more about channel definitions, click here.

Set the material to the driver's input parameter

Imagers can be chained together by using the input parameter on each imager.

When imagers are chained together, the imager at the end of the chain is executed first, and the imager connected to the terminal is executed last.

  • Denoiser imagers should be applied before post-processing imagers if the post-processing is introducing new features in the image (ex: bloom).

Chain imagers together using the input parameter.

The Katana file is available here.

Putting it all together, we are chaining 3 imagers:

Shiny horse!

The Katana file is available here.