.dll (.so under linux) shaders are those for which only the dll (so) library file is provided, but their ui (either the spdl file or the shaderdef script) is not.

SItoA parses the shaders defined in the library files, and for each it builds on the fly a basic interface with all the parameters set at their default values.

This makes it possible to:

The dll/so files must be placed in the same directory as the SItoA dll/so, or under any of the paths pointed by the Shaders Search Path.


In the example below, I copied htoa_shaders.dll from the HtoA installation into the SItoA bin directory. In the menu, I can read all the nodes listed alphabetically


And I can now build a displacement branch made only of these extra nodes


For every auto-generated ui, an extra Info tab is also added, to show some additional information on the shader.