C4DtoA 4.0.0 uses Arnold and is a major feature release adding ACEScg as the default rendering color space, Intel®'s Open Image Denoise, better denoising quality overall, important scalability improvements on GPU, and better performance and interactivity. This major release also introduces support to the Cinema 4D Node Material and Node Editor (still in beta), important changes in the Arnold API, such as the ability to render several scenes within the same process, and shaders now supporting multiple outputs. Support for Cinema 4D S22 is dropped.

Cinema 4D S24 and R25 related issues in the legacy Arnold Shader Network Editor:

  • Drag & drop nodes to the node editor does not work as expected:
    • Drag & drop an Arnold Material to create a reference. A Cinema 4D Object Operator node is created instead of an Arnold Material reference node. 
    • Drag & drop an object to create an object reference. A Cinema 4D Object Operator node is created instead of an Arnold object node. 
    • Drag & drop a Vertex Map to create a Vertex Map shader. A Cinema 4D Object Operator node is created instead of an Arnold Vertex Map shader. 
  • Ctrl + drag a shader in the node editor in S24 creates two copies instead of one. shift + drag and Shift + Alt + drag does not work.


System Requirements


Known limitations:

  • Substance Shader is not ported.
  • Value and object shaders are not ported.
  • Light_blocker is not fully ported.
  • Exporting and importing shaders are not supported.
  • Popup menus in user_data shaders are not working.
  • Loading textures from a folder in the ramp_rgb shader does not work in R23.
  • Matrix type parameters are not displayed properly.
  • toon.stylized_highlight cannot accept multiple lights.
  • Shader presets are not supported.
  • OSL shaders from a custom folder are not listed if the plugin path is defined in the scene. It has to be defined via the ARNOLD_PLUGIN_PATH environment variable before starting Cinema 4D.
  • Material stacking is not supported.
  • No python-support yet (other than the native support).
  • Viewport preview is not fully supported.
  • No shader preview if the shader has multiple outputs.
  • No custom material preview scenes are supported.
  • No custom Arnold-specific shortcuts.
  • No custom Arnold-specific editor functionality.
  • No custom Arnold-specific menu categories in Cinema 4D R23 (shaders are listed under Uncategorized).
  • Connecting shaders to non-linkable parameters does not show an error in Cinema 4D R23 and S24.

GPU Enhancements

USD Enhancements

Incompatible Changes

Bug Fixes