Milestone 3.3.4

This release is the result of a lot of hard work over the last few months and it represents our best Arnold ever. There are many important fixes including OSX support, the flatness subdiv mode works incredibly well now, UV smoothing matches Softimage, physically_based is now enabled (most BRDF's were Pi times brighter than they should). Note that, although this is a binary-compatible release, the look of the images will change; please read these notes carefully and think twice before upgrading your shows.


API additions

Incompatible changes

Bug fixes

#2161NaNs in transmittance effects of the standard shader
#2141NaNs/Infs at low roughness settings in the standard shader
#2121AiPixelLength is numerically unstable6 weeks6 weeks
#2112Drivers use additional ~4GB when image/bucket size exceeds ~2^24 pixels6 weeks6 weeks
#2111Shortcut syntax for single elem arrays is not working for constant user data6 weeks6 weeks
#2107bright specks at grazing angles with the standard shader using the stretched-phong brdf7 weeks6 weeks
#2105kick should not render when given an unknown command line option7 weeks7 weeks
#2090Specular and Reflection Fresnel are broken in standard shader when Ks or Kr are connected to a shader network2 months2 months
#2088fix bump mapping noise/precision issues2 months8 weeks
#2085NaNs in volume scattering when integrating very short segments2 months2 months
#2084modify ray->mindist to prevent rays from getting stuck between two nearly coincident surfaces2 months2 months
#2079SSS computation doesn't obey affect_diffuse parameter from lights2 months6 weeks
#2076Bad intersection test on disk points2 months2 months
#2074Setting light.filters array to NULL causes a crash2 months2 months
#2061lights that don't contribute to volumetrics should not be attenuated by atmosphere3 months3 months
#2059AiRadiance and AiIrradiance are not thread safe3 months3 months
#2055node_update is not called in the nodes of a procedural when load_at_init is set to false3 months2 months
#2051Receiving a signal after AiEnd() can cause strange behavior3 months6 weeks
#2050custom plugin filters crash with negative AA samples4 months3 months
#2049Crash when a hair material has diffuse cache on and a SSS cache flush is done after a render4 months2 months
#2047Linking a shader component (such as .r) discards the static value for the other components4 months3 months
#2045Modified textures are being permanently invalidated4 months3 months
#2042Standard shader produces bright dots at grazing angles4 months3 months
#2034Problem loading .obj files with Windows-style EOLs4 months3 months
#2033kick -info crashes with parameter names > 32 chars4 months3 months
#2032Plugins in '.' are not loaded when "-l" option an/or plugin searchpath is specified4 months3 months
#2019Writing instance parameters to .ass is broken4 months3 months
#2010Correct BRDFs for energy conservation4 months2 months
#1935kick overwrites the same image file with every frame (with -turn <n> option)6 months2 months
#922kick doesn't override the output file with -o3 years2 months