Milestone 3.3.5


API additions

Bug fixes



#2136Ignore 'abort_on_license_fail' when 'skip_license_check' is enabledangelmajor3.38 weeks8 weeks
#2141NaNs/Infs at low roughness settings in the standard shaderalanmajor3.37 weeks4 weeks
#2146Python binding for AiArray{Set|Get}Mtx() crashesoscarmajor3.36 weeks3 days
#2149framebuffer memory not accounted for in the statisticsmarcosmajor3.35 weeks5 weeks
#2161NaNs in transmittance effects of the standard shaderalanmajor3.33 weeks3 weeks
#2166specular_anisotropy affecting roughness of isotropic BRDFs in the standard shaderalanmajor3.33 weeks12 days
#2170Crash when the color parameter of a quad light is mapped with MIS on and a volume_scattering atmosphere shaderalanmajor3.32 weeks6 days
#2181fully transparent surfaces at max auto transparency depth causing artifactsalanmajor3.36 days4 days
#2182AiParseParameterString() not thread safealanmajor3.34 days4 days