Milestone 3.3.7


API additions

Incompatible changes

Bug fixes



#2255kick should only close its window when pressing ESCkickxocritical3.33 weeks
#2191Random crashes with points.min_pixel_width > 0 and 1-element array in points.radiusarnoldoscarmajor3.32 months
#2245Intel compiler floating point inconsistencies in Windowsarnoldxomajor3.34 weeks
#2247Problem loading some .OBJ format filesarnoldangelmajor3.34 weeks
#2249Intersection precision problems in far away point primitivesarnoldxomajor3.33 weeks
#2254Intersection precision problems in far away sphere primitivesarnoldxomajor3.33 weeks
#2259incorrect MIS variable computation in textured, importance-sampled quad lightsarnoldalanmajor3.32 weeks
#2262'min_pixel_width' in 'points' primitive is not properly workingarnoldoscarmajor3.32 weeks
#2265AiEvaluateLightSample() is modifying lighting shader globalsarnoldalanmajor3.313 days
#2270'maketx' and 'pykick' are not executables in linux releasesarnoldoscarmajor3.38 days
#2277Buckets have different intensities when rendering with MIS and subdivisionarnoldxomajor3.37 days
#2280Linux/OSX kick process doesn't properly exit after display window is closedkickoscarmajor3.36 days
#2284sss precomputation should occur at a fixed timearnoldmarcosmajor3.33 days
#2292Crash when using a textured importance sampled light with NaN texelsarnoldxomajor3.326 hours
#2293Crash when opening a non-existent '.ass' filearnoldoscarmajor3.325 hours
#2243Rename "focal_distance" to "focus_distance" in "fisheye_camera"arnoldoscarminor3.34 weeks
#2267Windows kick process doesn't exit after display window is closedkickxominor3.310 days