Milestone 3.3.9

IMPORTANT NOTE: This release has some rather significant changes to the SSS pointcloud generation code. Apart from the performance improvements and new sampling patterns, the sss_max_samples parameter has been removed and there is a great risk of old scenes performing very slowly or consuming large amounts of RAM because of this, i.e. pointclouds suddenly generating tens of millions of points instead of 100k points (which was the default value of sss_max_samples). If you were to encounter this, it is advised to increase the sss_sample_spacing until the number of samples is similar to the previous sss_max_samples setting.


API additions

Incompatible changes

Bug fixes



#2234account for OIIO texture cache memory usage in the render statisticsarnoldmarcosmajor3.32 months
#2325'-set' option in kick doesn't override node parameters when using negative valueskickoscarmajor3.33 days
#2327'-set' option in kick doesn't override 'options.AA_samples'kickoscarmajor3.33 days
#2328autobump doesn't filter texture mapsarnoldmarcosmajor3.33 days