Milestone 4.0.3


API additions

Incompatible changes

Bug fixes



#2451Artifact in lighting from a 'cylinder_light' with MIS enabledarnoldalanmajor3.35 months
#2728crash when parsing .obj files with no texture indicesarnoldangelmajor3.310 days
#2729long pause when measuring string pool sizearnoldangelmajor3.310 days
#2730root AtAggrList node is not being marked unboundedarnoldthiagomajor3.310 days
#2744wrong gamma correction in shader RGB arrays when written to .assarnoldangelmajor3.36 days
#2749excessively verbose threading messages for displacement, skydome, SSSarnoldmarcosmajor3.33 days
#2751Arrays can not handle more than 4GB of dataarnoldthiagomajor3.344 hours
#2745Crash when using a volume_scattering shader with samples parameter set to zeroarnoldmarcosminor3.36 days
#2747remove useless optimization message about multi-key motion matricesarnoldalanminor3.33 days
#2732thread id not being set on shading globals passed to field shaderarnoldramontrivial3.39 days