Milestone 4.0.7


API additions


Incompatible changes


Bug fixes



#2930support for Windows XP was accidentally broken in Arnold weeks
#2627monochrome images with alpha not read correctlyoiioramonmajor3.37 months
#2860Free-floating mesh vertices crash subdivisionarnoldmikemajor3.32 months
#2904Improve numerical precision of subdivision limit normalsarnoldthiagomajor3.36 weeks
#2905Don't print escape sequences (colors) in logs if stdout is redirectedarnoldoscarmajor4.06 weeks
#2907Oriented curves with identical motion keys corrupts orientationsarnoldmikemajor3.36 weeks
#2908Crash with pixel-width optimization and constant radius specificationarnoldoscarmajor4.06 weeks
#2911Crash when EXR/TIFF output cannot be opened in 'append' modearnoldramonmajor3.35 weeks
#2912Race condition in latent deferred SSS sample code causes random crashesarnoldoscarmajor4.05 weeks
#2915.ass parser reports incorrect line numbers when a string contains EOL'sarnoldangelmajor3.35 weeks
#2916Arnold doesn't respond correctly to Ctrl+C events in windowsarnoldoscarmajor4.05 weeks
#2917quantization artifacts in smooth edge of spot_lightarnoldoscarmajor4.05 weeks
#2921AtNodeEntry counters are not always atomically changedarnoldmikemajor3.35 weeks
#2925maketx quantization errors when rescaling 8- and 16-bit imagesoiioramonmajor3.34 weeks
#2938ginstance attributes with default value are all exported to .assarnoldangelmajor3.33 weeks
#2941write out floats using all bits of precisionarnoldthiagomajor3.33 weeks
#2943fix warning when shader_searchpath points to a nonexisting patharnoldmarcosmajor3.32 weeks
#2948Nodes with a "@before" link are always exported to .ass file as ginstancearnoldangelmajor3.313 days
#2949bug when tessellating a single polygon with a simulated holearnoldoscarmajor4.013 days
#2952Fix run-time search paths hard-coded in "ai" and "kick"arnoldoscarmajor4.012 days
#2960incorrect user bounds warning when bounds are equal.arnoldthiagomajor3.312 days
#2961Crash with NaNs in displacement maparnoldoscarmajor4.011 days
#2964Missing ray type defines in Python APIarnoldangelmajor3.38 days
#2965Empty error message when accessing a non-existent EXR textureoiiooscarmajor4.07 days
#2702IOR set to 0 in the standard shader gives a fatal errorarnoldmarcosminor3.35 months
#2933improved reporting of light samples in the log filearnoldmarcosminor3.33 weeks
#2934Recover extended OS info (compatible with windows XP)arnoldoscarminor4.03 weeks