Milestone 4.1.1

BOOL tiled falseWrite out tiled or scanline deep images; Nuke only supports scanline deep images
BOOL subpixel_merge trueNearby subpixel samples will be merged
BOOL use_RGB_opacity falseWrite out RGB opacity, rather than just alpha; Nuke can read these images but cannot display them
FLOAT alpha_tolerance 0.01Alpha tolerance over which samples will not be merged together
FLOAT depth_tolerance 0.01Depth tolerance over which samples will not be merged together
BOOL alpha_half_precision falseUse 16-bit floats for alpha layer
BOOL depth_half_precision falseUse 16-bit floats for depth layer
FLOAT[] layer_tolerance (empty)A list of tolerances that will prevent merging for each AOV in options.outputs; if it is a single value it will apply to all layers
BOOL[] layer_enable_filtering (empty)A list of booleans enabling or disabling filtering for each AOV in options.outputs. Integers, vectors or points are not filtered by default
BOOL[] layer_half_precision (empty)A list of booleans enabling or disabling 16-bit floats for each AOV in options.outputs. Integers are always full precision


API additions

Incompatible changes

Bug fixes



#2727inconsistent emission in standard shader when bounce_factor=0arnoldborjamajor3.321 months
#2789crash in gobo shader with empty rotate arrayarnoldmarcosmajor3.320 months
#3006crash when firing shadow rays when shading shadow raysarnoldramonmajor4.015 months
#3007Support RGBA aov blending through auto transparencyarnoldalanmajor4.015 months
#3351Ward-Duer BRDF in standard shader crashes with infinite dPdu or dPdv valuesarnoldthiagomajor4.08 months
#3574per-component linking not working within arraysarnoldthiagomajor4.03 months
#3632crash in procedural with lights but no geometryarnoldangelmajor4.06 weeks
#3694metadata errors should be warningsarnoldangelmajor4.04 weeks
#3696Crash when re-rendering a texture-mapped quad_lightarnoldmikemajor4.03 weeks
#3701rotation matrix decomposition crasharnoldthiagomajor4.03 weeks
#3702Fix instancing stats for nurbsarnoldmikemajor4.03 weeks
#3703Replacing shader in an object does not affect its instancesarnoldangelmajor4.03 weeks
#3705Avoid vertical aliasing with rolling shutterarnoldoscarmajor4.03 weeks
#3717rare crash in malformed .ass file with unmatched square bracketarnoldangelmajor4.02 weeks
#3722allow '(' and ')' characters in user-data parameter namesarnoldmarcosmajor4.02 weeks
#3723bump3d does not work correctly with transformed geometryarnoldramonmajor4.02 weeks
#3729bump3d can generate erroneous normals pointing below the surfacearnoldramonmajor4.013 days
#3730don't write 'threads' and 'ignore_list' options in .ass filesarnoldmarcosmajor4.013 days
#3734Memory growing too much with many mesh lightsarnoldramonmajor4.011 days
#3740Shader override broken for multiple levels of instancingarnoldangelmajor4.08 days
#3742Visibility override broken for multiple levels of instancingarnoldangelmajor4.07 days
#3745subdivision creates nans in mesh's dPdu/varnoldthiagomajor4.07 days
#3757Procedural override of "transform_time_samples" parameterarnoldangelmajor4.02 hours
#3695kick -repeat concatenates kick command line in logsarnoldoscartrivial4.03 weeks
#3700Amend AiASSWrite() in the Python APIarnoldoscartrivial4.03 weeks