The creators of Katana were nice enough to provide us with a built-in test mesh. Everybody likes ponies, so they made it easy to get one. Choose Help > I want a pony.







If Arnold is not an option in the renderer drop down, your KATANA_RESOURCES environment variable probably isn't pointed to the Arnold render resources, or Arnold itself is not available. Go back to the installation section to see how those are typically set up.


You can see all of the console output from Arnold as it renders in the Render Log tab. When there are issues with the render, this is the first place you should look.



The pony's feet are not that interesting, so now we have two tasks: make the pony smooth-shaded, and position the camera. For the first, go to the Viewer tab, and switch to the camera created with our CameraCreate node by clicking on the perspShape text. It will have a camera icon next to it, named ../camera. Then, try moving the camera around with the mouse while holding the following buttons:

Try to get the pony centered in the view from various angles, and then zoom out and orient it something like this:








Now go to Part 2 to add shader networks and lights.