You can make any third-party Arnold shader available inside HtoA, whether the shaders come from other plugins for Arnold such as MtoA, or from other third party shader collections. The HtoA shaders are regular Arnold shaders, there's nothing specific in them except the optional metadata to customize the UI, see below.


 You can make additional Arnold shaders or procedurals available in HtoA in several ways:

Customizing shader user interfaces

HtoA will automatically create a default user interface for shaders. If you need to tweak the UI, you can do so by adding metadata to shader node and parameters. Adding metadata can be done in the shader code with the AiMetaDataSetX() API functions or by creating a .mtd text file next to the shader DSO with the same base name, see Arnold Metadata Files for more information. We suggest you study the .mtd files provided with the HtoA installation for inspiration.

Shader metadata

These parameters will be automatically hidden and remapped.

These parameters will be automatically hidden and remapped.

Parameter metadata