Arnold Data Type colors on Houdini Nodes

When connecting the same data types together in a shading network the line will appear solid to indicate there is no conversion as in the 'string' connection below. If the data types are different, like in RGBA > Vector or RGB > RGBA below then the line appears as a broken line.

Solid line (between user_data_string and image) and a broken line between standard_surface and OUT_material)


Shader output components are displayed on the VOP node, allowing component connections without the need for a conversion shader.
However, the following shaders allow more complicated conversions between data types: 

Float To Int

Converts a float into an integer value.

Float To Matrix

Compose a 4x4 matrix from 16 input components.

Float To RGB

Combine 3 floats into an RGB.

Float To RGBA

Combine 4 floats into an RGBA.

Matrix To Float

Extracts a component at the given column and row.

Int To Float

Converts an integer into a float value.

RGB To Float

Converts an RGB input to a float using the following modes


Combine RGB and alpha inputs into an RGBA.

RGB To Vector
RGBA To Float

Combine an RGBA input to a float using the following modes

Vector To RGB


Arnold Data Type Conversions

The following table shows how data types are converted within Arnold itself.