You can find a description of common light parameters on the lights page
. Additional attributes are described below.

Color Texture

To use a texture map as the light color, you must change the mode of the color parameter to texture or material.

In texture mode, you can load an image as a native C4D texture (Bitmap shader). This mode does not allow the use of an Arnold shader network.

In material mode, you can create an Arnold Material and drag & drop it to the color field. The root of the shader network has to be a texture-type shader (e.g. image).


The resolution attribute should be used with care. The higher the resolution value, the longer the skydome_light will take to precompute the importance map for that light. For high-resolution maps this can be very slow.


Portal Mode


Enable this option if you want a matching result with the Cinema 4D Sky object which flips the texture compared to Arnold.




Diffuse / Specular / SSS / Volume

AOV Indirect

The skydome_light will not work with atmosphere_volume. You must use regular lights that have a precise location and size, and inverse-square decay.